About Datacomm

"We believe Indonesia will be one of the largest digital economy, as Information & Communication Technology Service Provider our commitment is to partner with our customers to capture the digital business opportunities."

For over two decades, Datacomm has led our customers in the adoption of advanced innovative technologies and best practice, in order to increase their performance, stay ahead of the competition and capture the new market opportunity in Digital Generation Era.

We partner with leading global technology vendor in Cloud, Cybersecurity, Virtualisation and Software Define Networking to deliver leading edge Information & Communication Technology Services to our Operators, Government, Military and Enterprise customers.

Datacomm has proven to be a valuable partner for our customers throughout the lifecycle of their digital project. Designing, building, operating and maintaining IT infrastructure is at the heart of our business.

Supported by our world class service facilities, service offices in many cities, and highly certified engineers, Datacomm ensures the best service delivery to our customers anywhere in Indonesia. Datacomm believes in constant improvement and continually invests in its people, solutions and services to meet the changing and challenging needs of our customers.


To be the leading Network Technology Service Provider and to boost Indonesia national prosperity by accelerating ICT adoption. Our team strives to become one of the most admired IT Companies in Indonesia.


Our Mission is to enable corporations and organizations to serve their customers & stakeholders better by leveraging the advance IT services.


Excellent services can only be achieved through continuous Learning and Integrity to our core values. Customers Depend on us to do what is right.


PT Datacomm Diangraha secara konsisten bertekad untuk mengelola setiap aktivitas dengan selalu memperhatikan mutu, prinsip-prinsip layanan teknologi informasi dan keamanan informasi serta melaksanakan setiap peraturan dan perundang-undangan yang relevan sebagaimana mestinya.

Untuk implementasi tersebut, PT.Datacomm Diangraha akan:.

  • Mengatur aktifitas yang dilakukan secara efisien dan dengan produktifitas yang tinggi untuk menjamin bahwa keinginan customer dapat dipenuhi.
  • Memastikan seluruh layanan teknologi informasi memenuhi semua standar tingkatan layanan (SLA) yang telah ditetapkan.
  • Meminimalkan risiko terkait keamanan informasi, layanan teknologi informasi, sesuai dengan kriteria penerimaan dan manajemen risiko perusahaan.
  • Mencegah terjadinya insiden teknologi informasi & keamanan informasi
  • Memastikan bahwa karyawan PT.Datacomm Diangraha mempunyai kompetensi yang dibutuhkan serta terus menerus mengembangkan kompetensi yang ada di setiap level guna mendukung semua solusi yang ditawarkan.
  • Meningkatkan terus menerus sistem manajemen mutu, keamanan informasi dan layanan teknologi informasi yang dijalankan dengan menerapkan dan mempertahankan ISO 9001, ISO 27001 dan ISO 20000

                                                                                                                                  Jakarta, 20 September 2018


      Tan Wie Tjin

      President Director