OnApp is a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution for cloud providers, CDN providers, telcos, carriers, MSPs and enterprises. More than 3,000 companies in 93 countries use our software to deliver cloud, CDN and DR services, and add scale and reach on demand through the OnApp Federation – the world’s biggest public cloud.


The way companies buy, sell and consume IT infrastructure is changing. There are more options than ever for hosting applications. Private and public cloud. On premise infrastructure, or third party service providers. Multiple virtualization platforms. Multiple cloud locations and legislative frameworks to deal with.


OnApp brings simplicity, control and fluidity to this world. So you can manage multiple clouds, multiple platforms and multiple service types under one pane of glass. So you can choose whether to invest in your own hardware or source it from the global cloud. So you can run any workload, anywhere – optimized for price, performance, resilience or compliance.


The OnApp cloud platform brings public and private cloud, bare metal, CDN, storage, DR, SaaS, PaaS and more into a single, highly automated management and provisioning environment – with access to a global federated cloud that offers hyper scale and reach, with 55+ compute locations and 170+ CDN locations available on demand.