Because User Experience is key to Operators’ success and each market is unique with specific needs for configuration and customization of VAS, StreamWIDE provides local engineering teams, international localization services and highly customizable solutions.

Local Engineering Teams

Leveraging its five Global Offices in USA, France, Romania, China and Tunisia, StreamWIDE provides presales, delivery and support resources to its customers with the greatest proximity and reactivity.

Our engineers practice many languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin and French.

Our dedication to providing total customer satisfaction is evidenced by our commitment to solid delivery procedures and methodologies that are ISO 9001-2008 certified and constantly monitored and enhanced.

Localization, Branding and Customization Services

We offer full services for our customers who need to localize, brand and customize the interfaces their end-users will interact with, whatever the format, telephony, web, or mobile.

Localization services include prompts and web/apps labels translation, voice talent selection, prompt recording, grammar adaptation as well as final quality checks and customized testing.

All our multimedia interfaces support branding, from simple logo and colors adaptation to full labels and images adaptation.

The flexibility of our products also enables StreamWIDE Engineering teams to easily meet customer specific needs such as call-flow adaptations, third-party components integration or Web or Mobile User Experience modification.