Automation is everywhere – from Cloud Infrastructure, to Networking Devices, IOT Devices, Robotics, you name it. The real challenge is how do we integrate all of the various technologies and domains, both legacy and new into an existing or new digital ecosystem? To simplify the complexities of a multi-domain multi-vendor infrastructure, we need to have an Integrated Automation Platform which is why UBiqube has the MSActivator.


MSActivator is the leading Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) engineered by UBiqube for the continuous design of any IT infrastructure automation process. It is composed of Integration and Automation Modules. MSActivator uses highly abstracted device and function modelling to eliminate the integration penalty associated with distributed infrastructures and provides a smooth journey to digital infrastructure automation.

Headquartered in Dublin (Ireland), UBiqube has multiple offices globally and an expanding ecosystem of certified system integrators building intelligent infrastructure for Smart World projects (SmartCities, Industry 4.0, etc).

For more information https://ubiqube.com