The global IT revolution is growing rapidly. Governments have to be ready to meet the increased demand for effective and secure online services. Providing secure and reliable services in the e-Government requires careful deliberation on different levels and for the distinc domains of e-Government. Datacomm is commited to partner with Indonesian Government Agency and Military in supporting them to make the e-Government Vision a reality.


  • Reduced risk from cyber attack on critical system and infrastructure
  • Proactive identification of critical vulnerabilities and cyber threats
  • Improved operational reliability and reduced risk in business objective
  • Regulatory compliance for Information Security Management Systems

Services & Solutions Offered

A wide range of processes and tasks in government administration these days are supported by ICT, daily operational challenges such as demonstrating accountability and transparency to the citizens they serve and providing better visibility to the regulators who oversee them, governments on all levels need a smarter way to handle everything in sync.

Datacomm's Government solution provides end-to-end ICT solution with tailor-made solutions and comprehensive experience help government agencies achieve cost savings and increased operational efficiency. Our custom solutions simplify complex processes and enable citizens (G3C) and the private sector to interact seamlessly with government (G2B).

Our range of services and solutions for Government includes:

Cyber Security

Datacomm’s Cyber Security Solution provide the strategic and technical direction to guide Indonesia’s Government in enhancing their Cyber Security initiatives.

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Office Automation

Datacomm Office Automation is an EDRMS (Electronic Document and Record Management System) and BPM(Business Process Management) based application, which can be applied flexibly to help the document management activities of an institution.

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Government Open Data Integration

Government Open Data is a useful service functions from Datacomm to integrate different data sources, into a primary data source, for further data utilization according to the dynamic needs of the user.

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Smart IT Infrastructure

SMART IT INFRASTRUCTURE is a complete & integrated ICT solution and technology, specially designed for stakeholders in providing of IT-based multimedia services (data, voice and video). Supported with smart tools to simplify the IT Infrastructure management.

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Why Datacomm?

  • Datacomm has extensive experience of delivering end-to-end solution, geared to the specific processes and imperatives of the public sector. Our powerful solution help government agencies to boost efficiency and to deliver new and enhanced services for government and other stakeholders.
  • We guarantee the highest standards of infrastructure security and data protection. In other words, Datacomm help government agencies comply with the international standardization for information security compliance such as ISO/IEC 27001, DoD Instruction and NIST.
  • We help drive innovation at government agencies of many kinds by harnessing its uniquely comprehensive ICT skillset. With around 500+ employees, including engineers and government professional consultants, Datacomm has the depth and breadth of human resources to deliver on its promises.
  • Datacomm certified by ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000, to ensure our commitment for customers.