Government Open Data Integration


Applications Development used by government agencies nowadays, came from various vendors developer, diverse application base variants and different types of databases. In addition, the organization's data are also separate in unit of departments, causing the data format and structure are different each other, without any control for the development and utilization of data.

Government Open Data is a useful service functions from Datacomm to integrate different data sources, into a primary data source, for further data utilization according to the dynamic needs of the user.


Due to the number of sources, forms, and data formats from different applications and are not connected to each other, the utilization of data will be very limited as it would involve a lot of resources (time, people, and costs). By implementing DTC Government Open Data Platform, data management becomes more effective, data availability will increase, and utilization of data will be faster and more precise, in accordance with the relevant unit who had the right to access it.

Function & Deliverables


  • Creating an integrated ‘data center’ from various applications inside the organization.
  • Optimize data sharing and utilization, by centralizing the information.
  • Improve data and information management function.
  • Elaborate with running system seamlessly without changing any process.


  • Document Integration Plan
  • Data Integration Development and Deployment
  • Training, Support and Maintenance