Office Automation


Office Automation is a system related to digital centralize administration components of an organization where data, information and communication is made through the medium of information and communication technology.

— Robles, M., 2004.

With the rapid evolution of information, technology has produced large, ever-increasing volumes of diverse and complex digital records. Utilization of those digital records, will help to increase the institution’s performance, especially for institutions that are closely related with public services.

DTC Office Automation is an EDRMS (Electronic Document and Record Management System) and BPM(Business Process Management) based application, which can be applied flexibly to help the document management activities of an institution in accordance with the unique business process in each department.


  • Government to Government (G2G)
    Facilitate the interaction and coordination of digital inter-organizational, departmental and inter-governmental authority.
  • Government to Business (G2B)
    Forming a more conducive business environment due to government organizations can provide services related to the problem areas of the business to the private sector.
  • Government to Citizen (G2C)
    Improve the quality service quality from government to public due the easy access to public information and enabling an effective communication between the community and government.
  • Government to Employee (G2E)
    Increase productivity and effectiveness of work, due the easy access of data, information, and communication between internal side of the organization.

Function & Deliverables


  • Document Management System
    To capture data and information from any sources, Convert it into digital, Run it according to the Business Process, and Manage the repository.
  • Knowledge Management System
    Handling the knowledge creation from any sources, Organize the storage, and Manage the Knowledge sharing.
  • Budget Management System
    Manage the budget Submission, Approvals, and Financial management.
  • Calendar And Scheduling Management System
    Manage the event creation, schedule checking, event administration, and represent it through a system notification.
  • Correspondent Management System
    A system to manage data correspondence reception from various sources (physical and email), data correspondence evaluation, data tracking, data review, up to data correspondence archiving.
  • Leave Management System
    A system with automatic flow of official leave application, evaluation and approval process, integration with applications memos (TNDE), and integration with Human Resources Management System.


  • DTC Office Automation System with 6 modules
  • System Installation and Configuration
  • Business Process Implementation Training