Press Release & Launching Datacomm Cloud Business

Jakarta, October 8, 2015 - PT. Datacomm Diangraha (Datacomm), a leading network technology service provider for various industries in Indonesia, has launched a new business unit that is Datacomm ... Continue reading

Datacomm Meluncurkan Datacomm Cloud Business

Jakarta – theindonesiatimes.com. PT. Datacomm Diangraha (Datacomm), perusahaan penyedia layanan teknologi network terdepan untuk berbagai industri di Indonesia, hari ini meluncurkan unit bisnis ... Continue reading

ICT EXPO 2015 Bandung

On 10 to 12 September 2015 yesterday, Datacommm invited to participate in Bandung ICT EXPO 2015 held at Telkom University Bandung. The event was held three days is a series of the 2nd Anniversary of ... Continue reading

Netciti Employee Gathering 2015

Netciti Employee Gathering 2015