Application Performance Monitoring


In the fields of information technology and systems management, application performance management (APM) is the monitoring and management of performance and availability of software applications. APM strives to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service. APM is "the translation of IT metrics into business meaning".


  • Proactively Identify and address performance issues before they cause response time delays, impact employee productivity and erode customer loyalty.
  • Generate a historical database of performance trends, allowing IT teams to identify and narrow down root causes of performance issues.
  • End-User experience monitoring by identify and isolate issues affecting end-users using any browser or device, in any location.
  • Performance monitoring to fix application issues at the component level by Trace every single transaction and peek into system and database performance with code-level visibility. Application monitoring allows you to rapidly diagnose issues along the server and network tier to isolate inefficient code and configuration for immediate fixes.
  • Application code-level tracing and high-level performance monitoring by Follow and analyze transactions right from the source and into the depths of your datacenter. See exactly where the delays and errors in your application lie and fix them faster. Observe your application, infrastructure and network behavior based on each and every unique transaction.


  • End user experience monitoring
  • Application runtime architecture discovery and modeling
  • User-defined transaction profiling (Business Transaction Management)
  • Application component monitoring
  • Reporting & Application data analytics