Customer Experience Management


The CEM solution allows operators to continuously measure customer experience from a subscriber perspective.

The solution utilize white-label Apps (Native, APIs, SDKs) and installed on subscriber smartphone, which are fully integrated with your OSS/BSS systems to collect Customer Experience Key Quality Indicators: Voice, Data, OTT Apps, Video, Signalling, SMS and more. By cross-correlating different datasets, the solution can automate root-cause analysis of App sourced data and customer complaints. Subscribers no longer have to call customer services – by the tap of a button, they are able to report any problems directly to the customer service teams and access a host of Value Added Service tools.


  • Operators can now understand why their customers are complaining, opening up an informed dialogue to deal with these issues.
  • Increased customer satisfaction & resolution times
  • Reduce call center load & technical investigation
  • Enable a premium service differentiator
  • Operators have been able to understand exactly what subscribers are experiencing on their network.


  • End to end Customer Experience Management Solution
  • Customer Self care