Multiprotocol Label Switching


Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) that often called a layer 2.5 networking protocol is a technology that combines the advantages of L2 switching & L3 IP routing by the function of labels. MPLS provides the ability to establish connection-oriented paths over a connectionless IP network, simplify the data forwarding mechanism, and facilitates a mechanism to engineer network traffic patterns independently of routing tables. MPLS can deliver data transport services from multi or different protocols (like ATM, TDM, FR, and Ethernet), as well as IP routing services, across the same packet-switched network infrastructure, and suitable for deliver layer 2 and layer 3 VPN services. Internet Service Provider usually use MPLS technology for build the IP Transport Backhaul for Mobile/Cellular & Corporate.

Datacomm’s MPLS solutions can be called Datacomm’s Metro Ethernet solutions because mostly of MPLS technology application that we provide & deliver to customers is using Metro Ethernet implementation. End to End Metro Ethernet solutions that provided by Datacomm is include design, implementation (installation & integration), provisioning services (i.e. L2 or L3 VPN), maintenance, and warranty. Datacomm experienced in design, build, operation, and maintain Metro Ethernet Networks that used as IP Transport Backhaul for Mobile/Cellular & VPN Corporate in two biggest telco company in Indonesia.

Customer Benefit

Datacomm’s Metro Ethernet solutions give many benefit to customers, especially the adoption of the MPLS capability & features. IP Transport Backhaul Network that build using Datacomm’s Metro Ethernet solutions can improve data forwarding performance, support traffic engineering application, guarantee the high available networks, and have consolidation of services (L2 or L3 VPN) over a common infrastructure.

Datacomm commit to deliver comprehensive & professional services to build IP Transport Backhaul using Metro Ethernet solutions with high performance, high reliability and cost effective hardware. With Datacomm’s Metro Ethernet solutions, customers gain end to end solutions to build their IP MPLS Networks, include design, implementation, provisioning services, and maintenance/warranty. Datacomm service delivery in Metro Ethernet implementation is conducted by professional Datacomm employees who already have certification in their fields.  Datacomm maintenance or warranty in Metro Ethernet have high availability Service Level Agreement. With Datacomm’s experience, customer can confident build MPLS network that fully proven.

Features & Deliverables

Datacomm’s Metro Ethernet solutions adopts many feature form basic MPLS technology, i.e.:

  • The network architecture can transport payloads from many different protocols (IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay, etc.)
  • Improve data forwarding mechanism with the “label switching” technology
  • Traffic engineering feature can be implemented
  • Supports QoS and CoS for service differentiation in network
  • Consolidation of Services (L2 or L3 VPN) over a common infrastructure
  • The network architecture that have High Availability

Datacomm’s Metro Ethernet solutions is very deliverable. The solution is conducted by professional employees and hardware that have high performance, high reliability and cost effective. Because Metro Ethernet solution can transport payloads from many different protocols (IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay, etc.), it builds interoperable networks, providing multi-vendor interoperability with IP device platform.