Test, Measurement & Assurance


By deploying On-Device Agents and Plug-and-Play Testing Units and leveraging geospatial intelligence, operators are able to measure network performance based on  customer point of view. The operators can do the test and measurement with dynamic deployment (road testing, marine testing) or static deployment (in building testing). With reliable on-device agents the system will be having continuous stream of data so can be automatically process and analyzed. This solution is cost effective for operators that want to get performance testing and measurement based on end customer experiences. The solution measure the performance “actively” and the some of the KQIs are: data availability, data problem, speed test, MOS, application testing, etc.


  • Fast Plug & Play Deployment
  • Reduce drive testing expenditure
  • Allow the special events teams to understand how the network is performing  from subscriber’s perspective.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction


  • Mobile Solution “plug & play” testing.
  • Static in building testing.
  • Road optimization & Marine Testing.