Having an extensive experience in serving the largest telecommunication operators in Indonesia, we have built the methodology and expertise to help them to transform their network infrastructure to improve reliability, scalability, agility and optimizing the operational cost by leveraging Software Define Network and Network Function Virtualisation technology.


For businesses, timely and reliable communication within the organization and with customers is a critical part of success. Telecommunication services, provided by a carrier or telecom provider, make this possible.

  • Improved Communication
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration
  • Increased Flexibility

Services & Solutions Offered

Datacomm Telco Service is committed to assisting and supporting our customers' needs with real-world experience and expertise. Datacomm Telco Services’ Professional Services team offers world leading best practices to address your business requirements including network migration, consolidation and optimization maximizing the revenue and profitability. Our experts will work with you to design the right solution, and help you realize numerous business benefits.



Datacomm provide End to End FTTH solutions for Broadband Network Gateway (BNG), Policy Management, and Network Management Sytem. Datacomm experienced in design, build, operation, and maintain FTTH Core Networks that used in one of the biggest FTTH service provider company in Indonesia.

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DDI Solution

Telecommunications Provider and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) need powerful, secure infrastructure that supports new workloads and applications such as mobile, bring your own device (BYOD), and Internet of Things (IoT). DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) is a critical networking technology for every service provider that ensures customer services availability, security and performance.

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MPLS provides the ability to establish connection-oriented paths over a connectionless IP network, simplify the data forwarding mechanism, and facilitates a mechanism to engineer network traffic patterns independently of routing tables.

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Wireless LAN Solution

Partnership with respectable WiFi solution vendor, Datacomm offer complete solution for Telco provider in order to deliver WiFi solution for the customer.

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Security: FUSION™

FUSION™ Security framework provides a more effective, analytics-based, integrated solution that enables your security program to act like an immune system. With security intelligence at the core, our approach helps you optimize security, stop advanced threats, protect critical assets and deliver digital transformation.

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Software Defined Network

Software defined networking was originally defined an approach to designing, building, and managing networks that separates the network’s control (brains) and forwarding (muscle) planes enabling the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services.

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Network Function Virtualization

NFV is way to reduce cost and accelerate service deployment for network operators by decoupling functions from dedicated hardware and moving them to virtual servers. NFV redefines the way typical network functions are delivered and operated in a CSP network.

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Test, Measurement & Assurance

By deploying On-Device Agents and Plug-and-Play Testing Units and leveraging geospatial intelligence, operators are able to measure network performance based on customer point of view. The operators can do the test and measurement with dynamic deployment (road testing, marine testing) or static deployment (in building testing).

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OSS & Performance Management:

Network Performance Monitoring

Network monitoring tools allow organizations to have baseline and visibility of the network performance on hardware and software infrastructure. With a baseline of nominal operations, IT is positioned to recognize and respond to conditions that can negatively impact network performance and threaten the user and quality of experience.

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Application Performance Monitoring

APM strives to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service. APM is "the translation of IT metrics into business meaning".

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Customer Experience Management

The solution utilize white-label Apps (Native, APIs, SDKs) and installed on subscriber smartphone, which are fully integrated with your OSS/BSS systems to collect Customer Experience Key Quality Indicators: Voice, Data, OTT Apps, Video, Signalling, SMS and more. By cross-correlating different datasets, the solution can automate root-cause analysis of App sourced data and customer complaints.

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Why Datacomm?

As we plan and implement a Cyber Security Solution for your specific mission requirements, we focus on these essentials components to ensure a comprehensive security program without gaps:

  • Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks solution for networks and application.
  • Protecting networks from external and internal threats with the leading Next Generation Firewall technologies.
  • Protecting organization’s critical application and databases by providing Web Application Firewall and Database Security solution.
  • Preventing modern malware and advanced persistent threat by providing a full system emulation Advanced Malware Defense solution.
  • Protecting organization’s critical infrastructure with the leading technology for Privileged Access Security solution.
  • Comply with ISMS Compliance by providing Security Assessment and Penetration Testing services.
  • Build a strong and comprehensive Security Operation Center solution.