As the growth of the Internet users in Indonesia begin to expand each year, the demand of faster, cheaper and better internet services become a must in Internet industries.  More customers are now choosing direct fiber optic connections to their home and buildings. Fiber optics offer better reliability, bigger bandwidth and more connections at a low enough cost inside the home or building.  The fiber optics usually transmit information faster as compared to the conventional wire. This is because the fiber optics utilize light in sending information. There is several technologies that have emerged in the telecommunication sector and one of them is the Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is widely recognized as the optimal solution for providing broadband to the new and existing communities alike. FTTH provides enormous bandwidth and long reach offering Triple Play services (Data, Voice, Video) and is becoming affordable today and is the only technology that will meet the needs of the foreseeable future, when high-definition television and games will be in everyday use.

Datacomm provide End to End FTTH solutions for Broadband Network Gateway (BNG), Policy Management, and Network Management Sytem. Datacomm experienced in design, build, operation, and maintain FTTH Core Networks that used in one of the biggest FTTH service provider company in Indonesia.

Customer Benefit

Datacomm commit to deliver comprehensive & professional services to build FTTH network with high performance, high reliability and cost effective hardware. With Datacomm’s, customer can build FTTH core network that proven already.  Customer can fully customize their FTTH product base on their bussiness model.


Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) features:

  • High service availability via unique state-full resilience of PPPoE/IPoE
  • Fully functional dual-stack BNG on 1G/10G/40G/100G
  • Unmatched AA with QoS or parental control, in-browser advertising


Policy Management features:

  • Landing Pages might be based on IP address, radius attribute and VLAN ID
  • Supports RADIUS CoA based Wi-Fi Network Login/Logout. Enforcement of COA with Limited time/volume and/or predefined QoS based on Subscriber Profile
  • SMS/Email based Notification


Network Management Features:

  • Efficient collection of network statistics, OA&M diagnostics  and state KPIs for service level agreement (SLA) monitoring, including at-a-glance dashboards
  • Powerful fault correlation and advanced troubleshooting visualization that help to quickly pinpoint the root cause of problems to speed resolution


  • Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)
  • Policy Management : Captive Portal, PCRF, AAA
  • Network Management : Service Aware Manager (SAM), Reporting and Analysis Manager (RAM)
  • Design, implementation, provisioning services, training and maintenance/warranty