Wireless LAN Solution


Wireless LAN connection or known as WiFi is ubiquitous today. Since it introduces to smartphone device ten years ago, WiFi has evolve not only delivering data traffic but also voice and video for users. This evolution create demand from the users to provide always on WiFi connection. For Telecommunication provider perspective, WiFi connection provide opportunity and challenge. WiFi can be used to provide more bandwidth and gain more coverage for indoor users. Example on this aspect is data offload and WiFi-calling. Telco provider can also utilize the WiFi network to deliver innovative mobility solutions, location based data analytics and advertising. On the other hand, it raises challenge on how providing reliable, high performance WiFi network and integrate it to their cellular infrastructure while keeping the security of subscriber data.

Partnership with respectable WiFi solution vendor, Datacomm offer complete solution for Telco provider in order to deliver WiFi solution for the customer. With long experience on delivering WiFi solution for enterprise network and expertise in Metro Ethernet network and supported with deep knowledge in packet core network Datacomm are able to deliver WiFi Solution for Telco provider comprehensively.


High performance WiFi network enable end-user with:

  • RF reliability
  • High quality end user experience for voice and video applications
  • Ensuring end-to-end security including defensive and offensive mechanisms against wireless intrusion
  • Making the process of transitioning to Wi-Fi (from cellular network) automatic and secure
  • Intelligently offloading traffic to Wi-Fi
  • Integrating with the mobile core network policy management framework


From Telco Provider stand point, integrating WiFi Network will provide more control and visibility over Wi-Fi usage, ability to enforce common policies (same as in 3G/4G networks) and even deliver walled garden services securely. Enabling scaling from thousands of small hotspots to high density environments like stadiums are reducing backhaul costs.