Management Team

Within the span of the last 31 years, We have grown from a 10 employee start up to one of the leading Information Technology (IT) service providers in Indonesia. In the process we have become a trusted partner to the Telco, Military, Government agencies in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of vital strategic IT digital infrastructures.

The digital transformation continue making impact to our customers, just as our customers continually adapt their business models in order to maintain market relevance, so are we continuously evolving, towards becoming Managed Cloud Service Provider.

IT Infrastructure | Cloud & Datacenter | IT Security | DevOps

Our future lies in preserving our commitment to support our customers in becoming more successful in their business. We aim to always deliver the advanced Cloud services which our customers require to stay competitive and relevant in our market. As has been proven by the past 31 years, We have the right core values and the corporate culture to successfully execute this vision.

“We believe Indonesia will become one of the largest digital economy”

Tan Wie Tjin
President Director

Mr. Tan founded Datacomm in 1990 as a data communication
reseller. His vision is to create the leading technology service
provider. After 25 years, the company has transformed to be one of
the largest player in Indonesia.

Handi Gunadi Leman
Finance & Corporate Support Director

Mr. Leman spent most of his career in Datacomm. He is one of the
company co-founder along with Mr. Tan. Since then, he has been
providing strategic and financial guidance to ensure the
sustainability of the company.

Hermen Rudolph
IT Infrastructure Service Director

Mr. Rudolph joined Datacomm in 2009. With his leadership he
successfully expand company business into government sector.
Prior to joining Datacomm, Mr. Rudolph leads PT. Andhika Graha
Teknindo, a subsidiary company of PT Datacomm Diangraha
established in 1997.

Luk Phin Tirtokuntjoro
Cloud Service Director

Mr. Tirtokuntjoro served as Chief Technology Officer. His
experience span more than 20 years in IT and Banking such as
Unisys, Andromeda Bank and Data General. Currently he manages a
very large Technical Expert team with very extensive skill sets.

Rizal Anjar Prapanca
Telco and Public Sales Director

Mr. Prapanca manages sales division for telecommunication
sector with more than 25 years of experiences. Over the years, he
gains the trust from Indonesian largest telecommunication
provider in building and maintaining their major
telecommunication infrastructure.

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